Thursday, August 30, 2012

We Cant Stop Discussing: Gone Girl

If you were like any of us here at the office, once you started reading Gone Girl, you werent able to stop! This months book is an engrossing thriller that I wasnt able to put down until the bitter end. Were getting together this week to talk about our favorite plot points, but its been a challenge to save the discussion for the meeting! Weve posted a few sample discussion questions from the reading guide after the jump, but be careful not to spoil the ending for yourself.

If youve been reading along with us (you still have time to join!) please comment below with anything we can share in the discussion Tune in next week for our wrap-up and see how we brought this mind-bending mystery to life!

Do you like Nick or Amy? Did you find yourself picking a side? Do you think the author intends for us to like them? Why or why not?

Does the author intend for us to think of Nick or Amy as the stronger writer? Do you perceive one or the other as a stronger writer, based on their narration/journal entries? Why?

Discuss Amys description of the enduring myth of the cool girl and her conviction that a male counterpart (seemingly flawless to women) does not exist. Do you agree? Why does she assume the role if she seems to despise it? What benefit do you think she derives from the act?

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