Friday, September 21, 2012

From the Blogs: 101 Ways to Use a Donut Pan

A few weeks ago, a friend sent me a link to a super-cute blog that featured a riff on one of our August Good Things. Really excited to see our ideas translated in the blogosphere, I jumped over to Tiffanie TurnersCorner Blogand immediately fell in love.

Tiffanie and her kids created a self-imposed challenge: 101 ways to use a donut pan. She took my cookie cup Good Thing and ran with it, turning it into her donut pan idea no. 19 (above). I fell in love with the gambit of ideas she has invented and tested, and was dying to know more. (I have a rule that Im not allowed to buy any more uni-tools and this is right up my alley!)

I reached out to say thanksand find out more about the woman behind the blog We absolutely love your blog! what was your inspiration?

Thank you! I absolutely love everything about Martha Stewart Living! I have been a fan for years and years!I started blogging in late May of 2011, to document everything the kids and I were doing during our first real summer vacation. Over the last 15 months the blog has evolved into a showcase for my projects, my art, my costume making and some cooking, as well as a place to hold memories for our family. Blogging is such a great way to gain exposure for things you make that might not otherwise get much attention.

Donut coddled eggs, a.k.a. breakfast perfection.

How did you get started on your donut pan adventures?

The 101 Donut Pan Uses project started in May of this year, when I tweeted how I had an impulse to buy a donut pan but was going to wait until the next morning. Someone who I didnt know well at the time, but has since then become a friend (Giselle from the wonderful Rare Device housewares store in San Francisco) told me she would give me a set of pans that she wasnt using. When I picked them up, my daughter Stella started naming all these other things we should use them for. The 6-year-old mind is amazing at riffing on ideas, and she has come up with some of the most popular ones!

Do you have a favorite donut so far?

Right now my favorite edible donuts are the donut madelines, because they were just perfect, and the cookie cups, which I adapted from (your!) shortbread cookie-cup recipe in the August issue of MSL. My favorite nonedible donuts are the chalk donuts I made this week. They are gorgeous. The crayon donuts are a close favorite, and I see people making them and selling them on Etsy now.

Mini cherry pies

Any surprises along the way? What worked and what most definitely didnt work?

Dislodging the donuts is always tricky and somewhat scary. Recently Ive given in and used baking spray (oil and flour spray) on many of the baked goods and the donuts just fall out of the pans. Ive had to go into more of a test-kitchen mode when I embark on the projects, because Im taking them pretty seriously!

Check out Tiffanie and her fantastic donut-inspired projects over at the Corner Blog!

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