Wednesday, December 19, 2012

How We Know Its the Holidays

Around here, weve been talking about the holiday season since Labor Day. We create new traditions every year with twists on classic dishes and new interpretations of old favorites (like our Christmas cracker-inspired story in this months issue). However, the most meaningful things we do this time of year are the things weve always done, the heartfelt traditions passed down through generations. Here are a few that make us feel all warm and fuzzy:

Dish Duty

For me the holidays have always begun in my family when my mom takes out the Christmas dishes and starts to wash them for use. Growing up my brother and I would always bring the boxes down from the attic and lay them out and it was always a sign that Christmas was on its way. As silly as it is, I still get excited each year when I see the dishes come out.

-Kristen Lefkus, Whole Living Editorial Intern

Sister Act

Im one of three girls. Every Christmas Eve, my mom lays out new Christmas pajamas on our beds to change into. They are usually the same pajamas in three different colors/patterns. The pictures that result are a little embarrassing but we love them and we all look very festive on Christmas morning!

-Diana Marko, Digital Project Manager

International Inspiration

My husband is Hungarian so if were not in Hungary for the holidays he always makes Hungarian pancakes (palacsinta)for Christmas breakfast. We eat them with apricot jam made by his mom that he smuggles back every time he visits.

-Alanna Stang, Whole Living Editor-in-Chief

Edible Decor

We get a little tree for the kitchen and decorate it with edible things like cookies, candy, popcorn, etc. andevery year my sister and I make orange rolls with my grandmother on Christmas day to serve with dinner.

-Courtney Anderson, Digital Marketing Manager

Window Shopping

Growing up near Chicago, my family always went to see the beautifully decorated windows at Marshall Fields. It was usually the story of The Nutcracker or A Christmas Carol.

-Anna Ross, Assistant Photo and Research Editor

Scent-sational Wake Up

Every Thanksgiving my mom makes fresh baked cinnamon buns in the morning my siblings and I sleep at home the night before, leave our doors open and the sweet smell in the early morning never fails to wake us up. We all go down to the kitchen, grab a cinnamon bun and watch the NYC Thanksgiving parade!

-Colleen Banks, Martha Stewart Weddings Editorial Assistant, Style

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