Sunday, December 30, 2012

Party Tricks: New Years Eve

After planning many a friends wedding and shower just for kicks, Tori Hendrix got professional about her party passion. Three years ago, she launched Sitting in a Tree Events named to reflect her philosophy that entertaining should be about happiness, not stress.

Hendrixs personal taste leans toward layers, textures, and bold colors.And since shes well-versed in sparkle, we asked her to share tips on how to incorporate some extra shine and festive spirit into New Years Eve parties.

Tori Hendrix Tabletop

Think small(er)

Forgo the big party or night on the town and host an intimate dinner in nothing is as memorable as gathering a key group of people in a warm and personalized setting. Have custom cocktails and personalized place settings that make your guests feel special. No need to cook even: you can order take-out as long as the setting is beautiful. If inviting families, weave in a mini, family-friendly celebration, too. Kick off the evening a little earlier and celebrate with hats, horns and lots of photos before tucking the little ones in for the night.

be colorful

Create a fresh palette

Make this a separate holiday by creating a palette that isnt red or green try wintery whites, blues with silver, blush and gold, or even neon pink and rose gold. Whatever it is, setting a distinct palette will make it feel well thought out and special for your guests.

Tori Hendrix Sequins and Roses

Dont shy away from sparkle

Nothing says New Years Eve quite like sequins. Scatter them on the tabletop and mantle where theyll catch the light and glitter. Add sparkly pillows to your sofa, or you can even spray paint something ordinary (branches, old vases, tiny plastic animals) gold or silver a little bit of metallic can go a long way.

Make your own favors

Buy a bag of plain party hats and give them your own spin with decorative paper and trim. Print out your own labels for champagne bottles to add a signature touch. Or conjure up some magic by making festive wands using craft sticks, sequin trim, and bells.


Forget the Ball Drop

I love the thought of all the guests lighting sparklers at midnight. They look beautiful in photos and are really memorable. You can tie ribbon or little tags to the ends or set them at each place setting. Using wish paper for resolutions or intentions for the upcoming year is also a lovely idea. Guests can privately write down their resolutions then all gather together to light their wishes and send them floating into the night sky.

(All photos courtesy of Tori Hendrix)

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