Monday, February 18, 2013

Instagram Love: Food

Theres something so joyously simple about snapping a photo and having it broadcast out to the world. Its part of why we love Instagram (follow us!); we can share little snippets of all the beautiful things we cook, make, and create in our offices. Although photographing food in restaurants has been the cause of some controversy recently, I love getting a peek into the delicious meals that bloggers and photographers are indulging in, or learning about the unusual ingredients that have caught a chefs eye. Below are a few of the foodies that I love following on Instagram.

Food and lifestyle photographer Nicole Frazens feed is full of beautifully lit food shots on rough hewn cheeseboards or linen tablecloths; the backdrops are stunning. Follow @nicole_franzen

Jenny Park, from my favorite food blog Spoon, Fork, Bacon, gives followers a sneak peek of her culinary creations, like this Kitchen Sink chili with Mexican chocolate. Follow @FoodLoveJenny

When I see Chef April Bloomfields photos on my feed, I feel like Im in the kitchen on the line with her. She shares behind-the-scene shots of menu specials and great food process photos, like the making of this chili salt. Follow @AprilBloomfield

Food stylist, photographer, and cookbook author Aran Goyoagas Instagram is full of beauties like this shrimp and herb scramble. Follow @cannellevanille

Blogger Alice Gaos images have a richness and depth that I love. Follow @alice_gao

Who did I miss? Leave a comment below.

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Taylor Combs is an Assistant Digital Editor at Martha Stewart. Shes obsessed with neon and polka dots and loves cooking Mexican food at home.

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