Saturday, February 16, 2013

The Photographers Eye: Holger Thoss Family Panoramas

I met the photographer Holger Thoss years ago when we were both working at the documentary agency, Magnum. I still have a great love of reportage photography and looking at Holgers incredible family panoramas, I see that he does too.

The photographs are beautifully constructed from different shots of one family as they participate in an activity. The people are mostly not conscious of the camera and thus totally immersed in the moment. Holgers brilliance is to repeat the people throughout the panorama, in various states of an activity. As the photographer puts it, My family panoramas are blurring time and reality to pull out the narrative of family life. It is the added layers of time and narrative that create these brilliantly real family portraits.

You can see more of Holgers images here.

Jennifer Miller is the Photo Director atMartha Stewart Living. Her perfect Sunday includes going to Chao Thai Too in Queens for an early dinner with her husband and her twin boys.

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