Thursday, January 24, 2013

A Homemade Contraption Kit

My super-creative friends Margaret McCartney and Jeff Rotter came up with a Christmas gift for their son that would be the perfect birthday present for any imaginative kid: a homemade Contraption Kit.


My son Felix is obsessed with building contraptions. Rube Goldberg-style machines that may or may not actually function. Just before Christmas, he made a spinning propellor gizmo using a plastic teapot, a rubber band, and the armature of a tiny paint roller. We wanted to give him a gift this Christmas that would encourage him to keep creating and building. Using a host of items my husband bought at the hardware store and a toolbox, we put together this customized Contraption Kit.

Margaret, an illustrator and surface designer (check out her inspiring website here), hand-cut this lettering out of metallic tape for a label.

She also made labels for all the compartments helpful at cleanup time!

Everything in its place!

The bottom layer.

Here are the contraption-friendly items that they included:

    • PVC pipe and connectors
    • dowel rods
    • boards
    • bolts
    • eye bolts
    • nuts
    • wire
    • rubber bands
    • electrical tape
    • magnetic tape
    • magnet
    • ruler
    • pulley
    • rop

They drilled holes in the pvc tubes and boards so that they could be fitted together using the dowels as connectors. So clever! Next theyll add thefollowing items to the kit: casters (wheels), a small motor and large wood base for structures.

The kit has kept Felix busy for hours at a time!

Thanks for the inspiration, Margaret and Jeff!

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