Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Its Whats for Breakfast Lunch Dinner and Dessert

To stumble upon a great beer is to have a new adventure, and thats exactly what FoundersBrewing Companyof Grand Rapids, Michigan, offers with their Breakfast Stout.The beer is aptly named, as its brewed with oats, bitter chocolates, and Kona coffee.It looks like an espresso in a beer glass, with a creamy, foamy head.

On first taste you get those notes of fresh roasted coffee, but that mellows to finish with a slight sweetness of oatmeal and dark chocolate. As complex and interesting as an Imperial Stout, but more medium-bodied (it doesnt come with the heavinesstypicallyassociated with stout beers), itsabeer for both worlds that satisfies beer nerds and 101-ers alike. I think its great for enjoying on its own, but its also awesome for pairing with food.

Go the extra distance and pour it in your chili to add a deep, roasted flavor; scoop vanilla ice cream in your pint glass for an adult ice cream float, or serve it instead of coffee at your next brunch. Does this all sound too good to be true? It is, a little, as Breakfast Stout is seasonal and only available from September to February. My advice:Stock up now and enjoy with all the hearty lumberjack breakfasts youre eatingthrough the winter, leftover Valentines Day chocolates,or sip it at your favorite beer-friendly restaurant with a steak or chocolate cake.

Lauren Tempera is an assistant editor at Martha Stewart Living and associate brand manager ofMad Hungry. Sheloves traveling, themed-entertaining, a good sandwich, and has the ultimate snack drawer in her desk.Follow her on Instagram: @laurenevelynanne.

(photo courtesy of Founders Brewing Company by Mitch Ranger)

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