Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The Food Departments Hangover Helpers

that last bottle seemed like a good idea at the time

Happy New Year!Diet Coke, hair of the dog, a bagel deluxe everyone swears by his or her go-to, no-fail hangover cure, and in the food department, were no different. Below, we share our trusted cures for the morning after.

Me: I go one of two routes. In culinary school it was a customary tradition every Saturday, after going a little too hard the night before, to go to the mall food courts Chinese food stand in all of its greasy glory (a little lo mein and sesame chicken was bound to do the trick). Otherwise, although Shira may disagree, theres nothing to make your stomach happy faster than a BEC bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich with some Texas Pete hot sauce, ketchup, and a coffee with Baileys.

Cate, Kitchen Manager: Nothing will kill your hangover the next morning (in my experience, anyway) better than a dose of good old-fashioned Alka-Seltzer! Big, fluffy chocolate chip pancakes and a side of bacon never hurt anybody, either

Shira, Food Editor: Nachos and a hard cider on the rocks. Its a new discovery for me; I used to go for an egg sandwich, but now its all about nachos piled high with corn tortillas, Monterey Jack-jalapeno cheese, black beans, hot sauce, and sour cream. The cider must be on the rocks(I like Eves Ciderys Northern Spy); it gets rid of the hangover better and faster than any breakfast sandwich can.

Greg, Food Editor: 1. Menudo, the traditional Mexican soup with red chilis and tripe; 2. Burger and Fries from Bonnies Grillin Park Slope; 3. If the party must go on, I grab a spicy Bloody Mary.

Laura, Recipe Tester:Lemon water (slices of lemon in a cold glass of water), some sleep, and Aleve.

Jen, VP of Food: I dont like being hungover but the last time I was majorly hungover, I couldnt get out of bed. I begged my husband, Paul, to reheat some spaghetti and meatballs that were in the fridge and I sat in bed eating it under the covers with a hoodie on. It worked!

Lucinda, SVP of Food: A beer and a glass of tomato juice. Thats what my Dad used to drink; I dont know where I got it from, maybe its a Canadian thing.

Whats your go-to when youve got a hangover?

Lauren Tempera is an assistant editor at Martha Stewart Living and associate brand manager of Mad Hungry. She spent New Years Eve in New Orleans with good food, good booze, and good company. Follow her on Instagram: @laurenevelynanne.

(photo by Yunhee Kim)

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